Medical Memory Foam Arm Cushion Set

Memory Foam Arm Cushions that can attach to any arm rest or your forearms to help provide comfort, relief and avoid pressure points.


  • Individualized Comfort of you forearm, elbow and wrists with Our Anywhere Comfort Memory Foam Arm Cushion Set™ ....This is a unique product like nothing else on the market! Set include 2 memory foam arm cushions that are ideal for providing support and comfort to your entire forearm. Can attach to arm rests, consoles, wheelchairs or your forearm directly...Anywhere you need support and comfort for your elbows, forearms and wrists!   Arm Cushions comes with 4 straps and 2 Velcro(TM) tape so you can attach them to any arm rest or console. Helps relieve pressure points...stay refreshed and rejuvenated!

    -Made with soft and supportive high density memory foam

    -Helps relieve pain, pressure points and discomfort

    -Easily attach to any arm rest, console or wheelchair

    -Extremely portable

    How is it different

    The Anywhere Comfort Arm Cushions™ easily attach to any arm rest or console or directly to your forearms. You can attach the hook end to anywhere on the fabric to create a custom shape or angle to your cushion to create an ergonomic shape. Great for using when traveling, or in your car, home or office. In addition, it can compact for easy storage when traveling. It is the most adjustable Arm Cushion ever!

    Why it works better

    The Anywhere Comfort Arm Cushion Set™ lets your elbows, forearms and wrist sink into our memory foam. Our special high density memory foam helps reduce pressure away from your arms so you can stay refreshed. You can change the shape to create an angle to properly align your forearm and wrists into a parallel plane for proper ergonomics.


    Our Arm Cushions features a soft to the skin and touch yet durable cover that is made of 100% Woven Nylon. The foam is made with a soft high density memory foam that is the same quality found in high end mattresses. Comes with 4 Attachable Straps and 2 pieces of Velcro tape that can be used to attach to any armrest or console.  Recommend hand washing with a mild soap or Clorox Type Wipe.  Alternatively the cover can be removed and machine washed on delicate.  Allow to air dry.  Each Cushion is 12 x 4 x 2 in natural size. Each Cushion compacts to 4 x2 x 2 for storing.

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