We believe our Anywhere Comfort™ Product line is the best comfort and support products on the market for your Neck, Back and Arms. But just don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the wonderful feedback we have received over the years from our Customers like you!

Beyond Fabulous
I bought these for my mother, who has ALS Lou Gehrig's. She can barely hold her head up now, and I thought these would be comfy for her to use, when she's not wearing her regular brace. My Mom LOVES these. They fit nicely, not too tight, and she loves the memory foam. The price is just right, and to get something for an ailing loved one that *really* helps them to live a more comfortable life, is priceless.

Keith, OH

Thank you for mailing me my Anywhere Comfort Back Cushion. It just arrived, and I am enjoying it this moment while emailing you. It fits perfectly on my computer chair, giving me the extra back support I need and enjoy.

I purchased my first Anywhere Comfort Back Cushion two years ago, using it on each chair that I sat on. I used it numerous times while flying and took it everywhere with me … in rental cars; while staying with family and friends; and in hotels. My back needs good support, and while having and using the Anywhere Comfort Back Cushion, I have had no back pain. On my last trip on The Mainland, I inadvertently left the back cushion in the rental car when returning the car at the airport. I was in the passenger lounge when I remembered it. I called the car rental office, and unfortunately, the cushion had not been turned into lost and found.

I was so happy when I found the information sheet on the cushion in my files. I haven't been able to find anything like it here on Maui. Thank you again, Julie, for mailing me my new Anywhere Comfort Back Cushion. I know I will use and enjoy it always, and I will be more careful not to leave it behind when traveling.

Linda H
Maui, Hawaii

I tried your product and tried many other products and once I tried yours I found the only product that would work for me in my back situation. It's one of the few that is small enough to work for lower back pain in all vehicles.

Brian C., WI

I just moved my headquarters and decided to be a part of the moving crew. Long story short I’m now using your support system to get me through the day. After basically losing a lot of my lower back strength I’m now propped up and feel the true value of this product. Support and comfort which has helped me get through a sore back; great product.

Sean R., Chicago, IL

Great cushions...i used it on my desk chair...fits perfectly. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Ghalia, NY

I have thoroughly enjoyed the support pillow from your company. I use it every night to help with knee issues. I place the pillow between my legs to prevent them from touching when I sleep on my side. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that sleeps on their side!

Michael N., Memphis, TN

Perfect For Me... 9/7/2011
We live in West Virginia. Our children and grandchildren are in Mississippi and Florida. This item fits my back perfectly, making those long trips more bearable. It is the perfect size and fits my back perfectly.

Love it!
Riley, WV

More than perfect.... 12/3/2011
Just what I need to support my neck and neck in specific places in my easy chair, office chair, car seat on the sofa and day bed. So far used every day for a week and is firm fill and well made. Getting more for friends and me. Great price. Comparative shopped and the value and flexibility of this support is superior.


Great Product!
Love this product with many uses. My husband wrapped it around the head rest in the car and it gives his neck much better support. Stretch your imagination and you will find many ways of using these great pillows!

Autumngrace, NJ

I place the anywhere comfort back cushion in a vertical position and find it is the only thing on the market that helps me when I fly. I recently left it on a plane after a long flight and was glad that I found the brochure at home so I could order a replacement. I am delighted with the customer service insuring that I get a new one before my next flight. I have told many of my friends who also are flying more comfortably because of this cushion.


Great support!
I have a bad neck and bought this with the intent of giving my neck support when it "goes out" on me. It did just that last night, and I actually slept with it on. It gave my neck just the amount of support I needed.

Klien, CT

Helping with tension headaches
I love these things! Now I do not go on any long term trips without one. The primary use for this for me is to use one behind my head for neck support while I sleep. WOW what a difference. I went from at least 2 to 3 tension headaches a week to almost none. Pretty fabulous!

Ti, NJ

Exceeded Expectations
The quality and support of this memory foam is great. This is the first lumbar support that I could use in different ways depending on where I was sitting. The design is different than other back pillows I have bought in the past. I will never leave home without it!

Erica, Richmond, VA

Brilliant Pillow!
I have used the Neck Pillows in so many ways, from being my bed pillow, travel pillow, back pillow to neck warmer. Great find and great buy! I recommend it.

Kelly, CA

Finally slept on the plane!
Tried them all from inflatable to buckwheat hulls. This is the best! Even with my short neck; tucked my chin and fell asleep. My traveling companions make fun of my blanket, earplugs, and now this pillow but I am warm, comfy, and not bothered by the cabin noise! Even used while watching 3 movies during the flight to Tokyo. Also folded in half and used for lower back during meal service. Worth it!

Pam S, Honolulu, Hawaii

I've used a few travel pillows but recently I decided to get one for my daily commute on the bus. I have neck problems from bone spurs in my neck and so without good support I can get neck pain and at times severe neck spasms that last for days and make it impossible for me to drive. I had been having problems sleeping on the bus (need the extra sleep due to a new baby) and was hoping to solve that. This pillow is comfortable and makes it very, very easy for me to fall asleep going to work and from work every day - it's been a lifesaver and worth every penny I paid.

Ben L, NJ

I have a medical condition that makes it difficult to travel and be comfortable, due to issues with my neck. I purchased first my Anywhere Comfort travel pillow several years ago and will not travel without it. I use it on the airplane and also in the car while my husband is driving. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!!!

Annie G, Honolulu, HI

I bought this for my hubby who is an OTR truck driver and he loves it and uses it daily.

Jamaica, GA

Good support & easy to travel with
I have many. many, back support pillows but this is the best. It can be adjusted to any position and it really supports.Easy to bring anywhere

Lisci, NY

I bought two these hoping they would help with me lower back pain. What a pleasant surprise! I keep when in drivers seat and one on my bed. Great design for reasonable price.


For the first time I was able to sleep comfortably on the plane. After 20+ hours of travel I can say that this product is worth getting. It was easy to roll up and store in my backpack, fit both my husband and I (we bought two of them) was flexible and comfortable. It made the flights to and from China bearable. Would recommend.

Teri, FL

Best Neck Pillow Ever!
We bought these neck pillows because we were traveling to Hawaii and California from the east coast. We loved wrapping the pillows around our necks like a scarf. It allowed us to rest comfortably. We actually slept on the plane - something I have never been able to do before. One of my kids folded it in half and used it as a pillow. This product was easy to fold up and stash away in our carry on bags and made traveling much more comfortable! I would recommend the Anywhere Comfort pillows.

Soccer Mom, MD

Great Buy
I had bought this as a gift for someone, but kept it for myself instead. I love all the various ways you can fold this to accommodate different needs. It is a great support pillow! KY We were gonna buy new seats for the truck as we are taking a long trip but I decided to try this and it seems to do the job. Customer service was great.

Denise C, CA

Best pillow for a red eye!

Overlander, Boston, MA

Wonderful Travel Pillow
I was dreading the 13 hour flight to China, because I knew I would be too uncomfortable to sleep. I have an old whiplash neck injury and it really bothers me if my head tilts to one side while trying to sleep sitting up. Luckily, my inflatable pillow wasn't holding air, so I searched for something better. This neck pillow is so much better than anything else I've used. It kept my neck firmly, yet comfortably straight and upright, so I could sleep. It supported my chin, so my mouth didn't fall open and get dried out. I just couldn't be more pleased with it. It wraps up compactly. I think it would be a good lumbar support, although I haven't used it that way. I highly recommend this pillow for any time you need to sleep sitting or reclining.

Lee R, FL

We have always used our u shaped pillows for travel. It helped, but I never felt completely comfortable. When I saw these I thought I would give them a try. My husband and I loved them. I used mine around my neck and used it under my chin like a scarf, I slept the whole plane ride. My husband liked it by folding the two corners in. The memory foam made it very comfortable. It did not take up much space like the u shaped pillow does. We will be taking them on our next trip.

Erica, VA

Really like these!
My husband and I took them on vacation and they are great for long plane rides. They fold up nice and attach to the strap of my back pack. Caffolt, WA I took these neck pillows with me on a long trip & used them in the vehicle to lean my head on. they were so comfortable. I like the way they can be adjusted.

Elowery, IL

Finally, a comfortable neck pillow
Have had trouble with others, especially the blow up kind made for travel. Then, others made us too hot. This set seems to fit the bill. Comfortable & easy to take along

Cookahead, NY

Extra Comfort
These are going to Daytona 500 with me. I have not used them, but the feel and the quality of them are hands up the best construction I have ever seen. I bought three sets for me and my two daughters.

Gofy22, PA

It's not just for travel
I've been using it while surfing the web while in bed. Supports my neck and I'm so much more comfortable

Rodonnell1, NJ

Comfy and flexible
I have been enjoying these since they arrived. They're just right for adding lumbar and neck support.

Lanatoo, CA

Love this pillow!!!
Very comfortable and can be rolled to fit in your bag. Love it!!! Dee, TX Arm Cushions They really work well. I use one in my office for my computer and one in my car so they serve two purposes.

Mike P. MD